A talent to watch not to mention a pleasure to hear. 

- Time Out New York, on Greencard Wedding

The antithesis of the much criticized

“Manic Pixie Dream Girl” . . . . when she

sings, she transforms right before your eyes,

acquiring a soulful kind of boldness.

It’s like seeing a fish released into water.

 -Zouch Magazine, Canada, on Greencard Wedding


Without a doubt, making her own

significant contribution to  the history of the Lower East Side.  

-Culturebot, on Because You Are Good

 From The Inside Out: Rock Moster Jody Christopherson, Brooklyn Rail Interview by Mariah MacCarthy


Christopherson’s captivating performance gives a palpable intensity to the heroines both onstage and onscreen.- Exeunt Magazine on AMP


Christopherson's attention to detail in bringing forth this historical tale is painstaking and impressive.  Her enunciation and dramatic acting is engaging and magnetic as she visually carries the entire show from start to finish.- Stage Buddy on AMP


Christopherson is a captivating performer. As Mary she exudes radiance that has nothing to do with the lightning and “laudanum." Her cheeks are flush, her excitement palpable. As Anna, she is morose and sinister. - Woman Around Town, on AMP


Christopherson herself is riveting in a demanding onstage role, and makes both Mary and Anna complex and compelling in differing but complementary ways- Culture Catch on AMP


 The show’s delightfully glamourless protagonists, as well as its musical style, evoke Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova’s Once, or an early Richard Linklater film. Christopherson’s dramatic scenes are witty

and poetic, while the narrative that progresses through Skype videos is close to cinéma vérité.- Theasy on Greencard Wedding


Jody Chrisopherson as Miss Mozart is a wonder. She is at turns gamine, churlish, heartbreaking, and utterly charming. - Plays to See, on The Other Mozart by Sylvia Milo


Powerful and evocative, Christopherson is by turns commanding, charming, and childlike in the role, embodying Nannerl’s search for identity, frustration with the rules she must obey, and deep-seated love for her family and her art.- Theasy.com, on The Other Mozart by Sylvia Milo


 Jody Christopherson delivers a winning performance as Nannerl (and the family members who talk down to her and stifle her dream). . . astounding from start to finish . . . high caliber . . . profound and excellent. Stagebuddy.com, on The Other Mozart by Sylvia Milo


Graceful, winsome storytelling . . . Christopherson as Nannerl masks the frustration of this subjugation artfully, with winks and nods and the occasional outburst, including one guttural, primal scream that I assure you every woman in the audience felt in the pit of her being.- Culturebot, on The Other Mozart by Sylvia Milo


Christopherson admirably juggles, with humor and pathos, various voices, accents, and moods as she spins an intercontinental lifetime out of only her speech, movements - Culture Catch, on The Other Mozart by Sylvia Milo


With her expert comic timing, vivaciousness and most crucially an innate everywoman persona, Jody Christopherson as Laura is the dynamic centerpiece of the play. Ms. Christopherson breezily veers from tossing off one liners and zingers to conveying conflicting emotions.  She truthfully depicts a wife and mother grappling with pursing a career in politics with all of the intrusiveness that involves.  - Darryl Reilly, Theater Scene , on Primary by Gracie Gardner










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